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Automatic Transmissions

Absolute Automotive in Brandon is fully equipped to handle all types of transmission repairs

To get the longest service life out of your automatic transmission, regular maintenance is highly recommended.

Just like your motor oil, transmission fluid will become contaminated with dirt, dust and debris. Over time, viscosity breaks down and the debris and contaminants build up, exposing your automatic transmission's vulnerability

How does a complete Transmission Fluid Exchange extend my transmission's service life?

Heat and contaminated fluids wreak havoc upon a transmission. Exchanging all of your transission's fluids will thoroughly clean any deposits from the entire transmission- including the cooler, valve body and torque converter.

How often should I service my transmission?
Under normal driving conditions, most transissions should be serviced every 30,000 miles. For more severe conditions, such as hot climates, dirty or dusty areas (off-roading), or if you use your vehicle to tow a boat or trailer, you should keep a more watchful eye and consider service every 15,000 miles.
Driving conditions which may cause more frequent transimssion service:

  • Frequent Off-Roading
  • Hot Climate
  • Towing a Boat or Trailer
  • Dirty or Dusty Conditions