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Common Problems With Toyota And Lexus Vehicles

Anyone who is searching for a new car has probably begun to research the potential makes and models, as well as the specifications and reviews. If you are looking for a new car, you may be considering a Toyota or Lexus, both which are noted for their supreme reliability and durability. The Toyota is recognized as a consistent and reliable vehicle with minimal luxury functions, while Lexus is heralded as one of the more durable luxury car brands available. Regardless of the vehicle make or model, problems with a vehicle are inevitable. Some of the most common problems with Toyota and Lexus vehicles are:

  • Transmission failure
  • Vehicle speed control issues
  • Unexpected air bag deployment

Some of the common malfunctions can be avoided for a period of time by regularly maintaining your vehicle with trips to your local auto mechanic. Serving the Tampa, Florida area for over 25 years, Absolute Automotive is recognized as one of the premiere auto repair and maintenance shops in the Tampa area.

Transmission Issues

A problem with your transmission will inevitably seem expensive. Depending on the severity of your Toyota or Lexus’ transmission problem, you may need only a minor repair, or a complete replacement. Some of the common signs of a transmission problem can include, a burning smell, a noisy sound in neutral, gears slipping out of place, a dragging clutch, leaking fluid, grinding or shaking, a check engine light, whining or humming, and a general lack of response by the vehicle. If any of these conditions exist in your Toyota or Lexus, it is important to visit an experienced auto mechanic immediately. The mechanics at Absolute Automotive have the skill and knowledge to address transmission issues, and to get you back on the road quickly.

Speed Control Problems

If your vehicle is displaying a lack of control regarding acceleration and deceleration, it is time to take your Toyota or Lexus into the shop. These issues can have a severe impact on your vehicle’s function, and ultimately affect the driver and passenger safety.

Inappropriate Air Bag Deployment

An air bag going off at the wrong time can be unsettling and dangerous. If this happens in your Toyota or Lexus, you will need to have your vehicle evaluated for malfunctions. Luckily the skilled staff of Absolute Automotive has the knowledge and experience to handle issues such as an unexpectedly deployed air bag.

The Tampa Auto Shop for Your Toyota or Lexus

If you live in the Tampa area and are experiencing any of these issues with your Toyota or Lexus, call Absolute Automotive right away to schedule an appointment for your vehicle’s evaluation.