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Brandon Range Rover Repair Services

Common Range Rover Repairs

Range Rovers are recognized as one of the top luxury SUVs available. However, like any vehicle, Range Rovers are just as susceptible to malfunctions. If you take good care of your vehicle, you can do your part to stop avoidable problems. But even if you keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance, evaluations, and replacements, you may still have issues with your Range Rover. Some of the most common problems with Range Rovers are:

  • Air suspension failures
  • Steering column problems
  • Transmission issues
  • Stalling problems

An important part of vehicle ownership is to keep up your vehicle properly by making visits to your auto mechanic for regular maintenance. One of the best auto shops in the Tampa, Florida area is Absolute Automotive. With over 25 years of experience, Absolute Automotive brings, skill, experience, and knowledge to maintenance visits and unexpected repair evaluations.

Air Suspension Problems

The air suspension system in a Range Rover is one of the functions that make it a luxury SUV. If there are problems with your Range Rover’s air suspension system, it will be fairly obvious to detect. The vehicle’s chassis may ride low at certain points, and you may hear a hissing sound, that is air escaping from the system because of an air spring leak. A faulty compressor can also cause problems for the function of the system and should be addressed immediately. If you are experiencing issues with your Range Rover’s air suspension system, you should bring it in to Absolute Automotive as soon as possible to fix the problem.

Steering Colum Issues

Issues with your vehicles steering column can affect the ability to start or steer your car effectively. It is crucial that you have regular evaluations of your vehicle’s steering column to head off any discernible problems. If you are unable to start your car by turning your key in the ignition, the problem may be rooted in the steering column and require investigation by a skilled mechanic.

Transmission Malfunctions

A problem with your vehicle’s transmission can strike fear into your heart. The thought of replacing the entire transmission evokes thoughts of stress and a large financial expense. Before you fear the worst, there are some other problems that may be at the root of a transmission issue. Fluid levels may be low, not allowing the transmission to do its job effectively. A burning smell may indicate that your transmission is overheating, which may require attention to your transmission’s fluids. A dragging clutch is another sign of a transmission issue. Luckily tightening the slack in the clutch pedal can rectify that issue.

Range Rover Repairs

All of these problems can be easily addressed and resolved by the experienced mechanics at Absolute Automotive. To learn more about the outstanding services, call the offices of Absolute Automotive today!