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Common Problems With Nissans And Infinitis

If you own a Nissan or Infiniti, you probably know that you’ve invested in a reliable vehicle that stands to last many years if you maintain it well. While this may be the case about these car brands, no vehicle is immune to problems, and there are several common problems that affect Nissans and Infinitis:

  • Powertrain problems
  • Engine and engine cooling
  • Electrical system

If you have experienced problems with any of these systems, you need a reliable mechanic who knows how to identify an issue, perform a lasting repair, and get you back in your vehicle quickly. The mechanics at Absolute Automotive have over 25 years of experience handling Nissan and Infiniti repairs. They are Tampa’s choice for vehicle maintenance and unexpected repairs.

Powertrain Issues

The powertrain is responsible for delivering power to all components of your Nissan or Infiniti vehicle. Made up of many parts, such as the driveshaft, it is a crucial function of your car. If you are experiencing difficulties with your powertrain, it is important to take your car into a mechanic immediately. These problems may manifest themselves in the drivetrain or transmission, and can seriously impact your car’s function.

Engine and Engine Cooling Problems

The clearest signal that you have a problem with your engine is a lit “check engine” light on your vehicle’s dash. Beyond the obvious identifier, there are a few other signs that are indicators of an engine or engine cooling system problem. If your car jerks or stalls, this halting motion can be attributed to an engine malfunction such as clogged fuel lines, a clogged fuel filter, or fouled spark plugs. Grinding noises and foul smells are also strong warnings that there is something wrong with your Nissan or Infiniti’s engine. If you are experiencing any of these problems, you need to take your car to a mechanic right away. The skilled and experienced mechanics at Absolute Automotive have the knowledge to address these issues and repair your vehicle.

Electrical System Malfunctions

A problem with a vehicle’s electrical system can be frustrating as it is often difficult to pinpoint. The electrical system encompasses the battery, starter, and alternator, as well as other important functions in your Nissan or Infiniti vehicle. If there are any problems with your car’s electrical system, it can make driving your vehicle impossible. It is important to consult with a qualified mechanic as soon as possible, such as the staff of Absolute Automotive. Mechanics for your Toyota or Lexus

If you have been searching for the best mechanic in the Tampa area to handle your vehicle’s repair, call Absolute Automotive today to learn more about the outstanding maintenance and repair services!