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Common Mercedes-Benz Problems

Mercedes-Benz is known for their outstanding vehicles, heralded for reliability, durability, comfort, and luxury. While their brand has maintained a high level of reputability, the truth is that any car can have problems. This is no reason to dissuade anyone from buying a Mercedes-Benz, but is simply a reminder of the importance of proper maintenance and having the number of a good mechanic. Absolute Automotive in Tampa, Florida is one of the premiere auto shops serving the Tampa area, and can offer you unparalleled service if your Mercedes-Benz encounters any problems. Some of the most common problems that occur in a Mercedes-Benz are:

  • Electrical system issues
  • Engine cooling problems
  • Ignition switch failure
  • Suspension problems

With the help of a skilled mechanic, you will be able to identify if you are dealing with any of these issues, and also be able to solve them quickly.

Electrical System Problems

The electrical system is the cause of many common problems in a Mercedes-Benz. The system starts with the battery, and encompasses other functions such as lights, sound, radio, and temperature control. There are several causes of electrical system malfunctions, either having to do with the alternator, or with wiring. The specialists at Absolute Automotive can help determine what is the cause of your electrical system failures, and fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

Engine Cooling Problems

A faulty water pump pulley can often cause a problem for the engine cooling process. This may also create a rattling sound that continues after the car has been running for a while, a distinct difference from a worn belt that causes noise upon start up. Radiator leaks, faulty gasket heads, and worn or rusted seals can all cause problems with the engine cooling system. With the evaluation of a practiced mechanic, you will be able to figure out what is causing the problem, and how best to fix the issue.

Ignition Switch Failure

Problems with the ignition switch in your vehicle are an issue that is very specific to Mercedes-Benz vehicles. If your key won’t turn in the ignition, a faulty ignition switch likely causes this. Mercedes-Benz uses a special system known as Electronic Ignition Switch, or EIS. A failure of this unique system can cause problems with starting your vehicle.

Suspension Issues

The rear suspension system is the section most likely to fail on a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. A portion of the rear spring can snap, and cause a rattling sound when the loose end bangs against other parts of the vehicle. It is recommended that you take your vehicle into an auto shop like Absolute Automotive immediately if you are experiencing suspension issues or rear rattling sounds.

An Experienced Mechanic

If you have any troubles with your Mercedes-Benz, it is important to take your vehicle into an auto shop immediately to head off any further damage. The skilled mechanics at Absolute Automotive are prepared to handle all of your Mercedes-Benz evaluations and repairs.