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Common Problems And Repairs In Ford Cars And Trucks

Ford is widely recognized as a durable and reliable brand of automotive. Their trucks in particular are heralded as one of the top trucks to purchase. The key to maintaining any vehicle is to be sure to have your vehicle evaluated regularly. With these evaluations, you should update any worn parts, and ensure that all of the existing systems are in good working order. However, regardless of how well you keep your vehicle, it is inevitable that at some point you will encounter problems that need repair. Some of the most common problems with Ford cars and trucks are:

  • Transmission failure
  • Ignition lock issues
  • Clogged EGR passages

With the Ford Power Stroke 6.0 diesel engine, there are particular issues that can occur, causing unique problems:

  • Head bolts
  • High pressure oil pump failure
  • Oil Coolers
  • EGR issues

If you own a Ford car or truck in the Tampa area, it’s time to visit the premiere auto repair shop. Absolute Automotive has been servicing the Tampa, Florida area for over 25 years, and has the experience and knowledge to address any issue with your Ford vehicle.

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Transmission Failure

A transmission failure often signals an expensive repair. There are several signs that indicate that your Ford vehicle’s transmission is failing. One of the signs is a burning smell, a result of the transmission overheating. If the vehicle refuses to go into gear, that malfunction is often another indicator of transmission problems. Gears slipping and a grinding sound in neutral are more clear signs of transmission trouble. Fluid leakage can also cause a malfunction, as a result of a hole in the system. Any shaking motion or grinding sounds are another disquieting sign of transmission problems. If you are experiencing any of these problems, there are several solutions that your mechanic may recommend. Often it is simply a matter of inadequate fluid levels. In some cases though, these signs can signal a more severe transmission problem, and demand a skilled repair or replacement by your mechanic.

Ignition Lock Issues

If you are having trouble with your ignition lock system, you may be having trouble turning the key in the ignition. Sometimes this is a simple repair, while in other cases it can require a complete replacement of the ignition lock cylinder. The mechanics at Absolute Automotive have the knowledge and skill to handle this repair, and are Tampa’s choice for ignition lock issues.

EGR Passage Problems

A problem with the EGR passages in your Ford car or truck can often be attributed to low flow codes. A low flow code issue is often the result of EGR passage clogging, and should be addressed by a reliable mechanic. With careful evaluation, your mechanic will be able to identify whether the problem is related to your vehicle’s EGR passages, and if it is, they will prescribe a solution.

Head Bolt Issues

The head bolts of your Ford’s Power Stroke 6.0 diesel engine are secured to the engine block with a torque to yield ratio. These bolts are a single-use part, and are stretched to fit upon factory installation. Once these head bolts are removed from the engine block, they must be replaced. If your vehicle’s performance has been altered with aftermarket components, this may affect the reliability of your Ford’s head bolts, requiring replacement. Additionally, the common problems with the EGR system can cause an engine to run at a higher temperature than is recommended, putting additional stress on the head bolts and lowering the yield point. The excess heat has even been known to warp the bolt heads.

High Pressure Oil Pump Failure

The high-pressure oil pump pressurizes oil, which is in turn used to pressurize fuel as necessary in the Ford Power Stroke 6.0 engine. This important pump is an item that is subject to wear and tear and will need to be replaced. The 6.0 pumps are notorious for needing to be replaced much sooner than necessary, and will require the skill of a qualified mechanic to perform the replacement.

Oil Cooler Problems

In the Ford Power Stroke 6.0 engine, the oil cooler can become clogged when residual sand is not removed from the cooler after being casted. If you are not vigilant about providing your vehicle with high-quality oil, poor quality oil can also contribute to clogging in the oil cooler. If your mechanic finds oil present in the coolant or coolant in the oil, your oil cooler may be clogged. There are aftermarket filters that are available to help remove particles, and regularly changing your coolant and oil can help prevent clogging. If the oil cooler does need to be replaced, it will be an expensive operation and should be performed by an expert mechanic. The skilled auto mechanics at Absolute Automotive are prepared to handle the most extensive repairs and replacements. If you need your oil cooler replaced, visit their Tampa area shop today.

Power Stroke 6.0 EGR Issues

While all Ford vehicles share the susceptibility of issues and problems with their EGR systems, the Power Stroke 6.0 Engine will experience some unique difficulties as a result of a clogged EGR system. It is recommended that you take your vehicle to be serviced regularly, and maintain routine evaluations and updates to ensure maximum preventative measures.

Your Tampa Area Ford Mechanic

If you have been experiencing difficulties with your Ford car or truck, it may be time to take your vehicle in to the mechanic. The friendly and knowledgeable staff of Absolute Automotive is prepared to handle your most complicated evaluation or repair, to help determine the best course of action. Once a determination has been made, they will get your Ford car or truck fixed quickly and effectively, to help you get back on the road. To learn more about Absolute Automotive’s outstanding services, contact their Tampa offices today to learn more.