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Brake Service

Brake Services

Absolute Automotive performs precise brake diagnostic and inspection procedures to pinpoint the vehicle's exact needs and requirements. We use only premium parts based on your vehicle's specifications and requirements.

About Brake Fluid

New brake fluid is clear when first opened. As the brake pads on a vehicle begin to wear, the brake fluid level naturally lowers. As the fluid lowers, due to an inequality in pressure outside and inside the brake reservoir, air gets induced, in an attemp to equalize the pressure. Since brake fluid is hygroscopic, water from the induced air begins to collect. Once this water collects, two things begin to happen:

  • The boiling point of the brake fluid is reduced, causing a degradation in your braking system's performance
  • The moisture in the brake fluid causes the brake fluid to become corrosive, potentially damaging expensive brake system parts

How often should I flush my brake fluid?
Most experts agree that you should flush your vehicle's braking system every 2 years or 30,000 miles.
What is included in a Brake Inspection?
During a comprehensive brake inspection, our ASE Certified Technicians will measure your brake's rotors and drums, the brake pads and completely test the hydraulic system for any leaks or worn out parts.
How often should I have a brake inspection?
Your braking system should be performed annually. Annual inspections help you to spot a problem before it becomes serious and will also help to prevent costly damages. Typically, it is a good idea to schedule a brake inspection at the same time you're getting your tires rotated.
Common Brake Warning Signs
  • Squealing/grinding noise when applying brakes
  • Continuous squeak or chirping noise that stops when brakes are applied
  • Vibration when brakes are applied
  • When applied, brake pedal feels either mushy and soft- or very hard
  • The "Brake" light on the dash is on
  • The brake fluid is low
Brake Service Inludes

  • Machining or Turning Rotors and/or Drums
  • Brake Fluid Exchanging or Flush
  • Routine Pad or Shoe Replacement
  • Anti-Lock Brake (ABS) Diagnostic