Why It’s a Good Idea to Keep Getting Regular Oil Changes

oil changeNew information has been released about the drivability of newer model vehicles beyond the recommended oil change requirements. This has been exciting news for some car owners who believe they don’t have to get an oil change nearly as often as they thought.

While this may be true for very few vehicles, it’s always a good idea to strictly follow the instructions in a vehicle’s user manual to remain in compliance with warranty requirements. This protects the car owner should anything happen to the vehicle while still under warranty.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because a car is under warranty, then any auto repairs or services should be covered. Many drivers were met with disappointment when they brought faulty vehicles back to the dealership, because they neglected to get an oil change or other recommended services in time.

Don’t Avoid the Mechanic

The number one reason people avoid taking their cars to the garage is because they believe they can’t afford the suggested auto repairs or services. Believe it or not, mechanics are not out to bleed wallets dry.

They simply wish to keep the roads safer for everyone, and complete auto repairs before the car becomes difficult to drive for any reason. An oil change is the easiest way to prevent such inconveniences, and a trustworthy mechanic won’t overcharge for such a necessary service.

Don’t try to outsmart the warranty or user manual. Allowing a mechanic to assist with oil changes will ensure that the vehicle gets the needed services completed on the appropriate schedule, as well as making sure the proper materials are used.

Too many drivers think they can avoid the costs of an oil change, only to face hundreds in repairs – or worse. Get the needed services completed by an auto specialist as soon as possible.

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