Tips for Finding Reputable Auto Service Shops

car repairA number of auto service shops exist, all claiming to be the best. Not all are created equally, however. Following the below tips will make certain you choose a reputable one that deserves your business.

Check Their Website

Most companies have websites these days. Only a reputable, respectable one will be sure it is well maintained, current and professional. Take some time to peruse websites of shops you are interested in using. Do they have fresh content that provides valuable and interesting information? Do they come across as being experts as what they do? You want those.

Contact Customer Service

Customer service is a direct reflection of the company. You need to test this area. Contact the shop and gauge your response. If you called, did someone answer the phone in a professional and pleasing manner? Did the person seem genuinely concerned about satisfying your needs?

Listen to your intuition. If you are not comfortable with any response received, take your business elsewhere. A reputable auto service shop will answer questions in a knowledgeable, insightful and easy-to-understand method. Questions will be welcome.

Ask For Referrals

Your family, friends, work associates and social media circles are wonderful sources for finding a reputable auto service shop. Post a comment to your social media sites. Ask for recommendations. Ask why someone is recommending a professional. What was it about the shop that was so impressive?

Check Online Review Sites

Many customers post online reviews of businesses they have dealt with. Be aware that some of these review sites do pay for reviews.

Visit a number of online automotive repair review sites. Notice if a shop you are interested in is mentioned. Pay attention to whether it has received more negative than positive comments.

Check with the Better Business Bureau

A respected shop will have a high rating from this reputable customer review site.


Do your research and you will find a reputable auto service shop. Good luck!

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