Tips for Decreasing Drag

grillIn simplistic terms, drag is the aerodynamic term for slowing items down. It decreases the air’s efficiency across the surface. You can do some simple things to decrease your vehicle’s drag.

Clean Your Front Grill

Your front grill is a haven for dead bugs, flying debris, leaves and other items. Take the time to clean your grill regularly, using a nonabrasive cleaning agent to remove these items. Consider buying a car bra for those times when you want to avoid crawling critters from entering your grill area.

Keep Your Windows Clean

Dirty windows slow your car down. Clean all windows on a regular basis. Use a nonabrasive cleaner to keep the glass integrity at a higher level. Use a microfiber cloth or chamois to clean the glass. Be sure to use a circular motion when cleaning the windows.

Wash and Polish Your Car

The same principle applies to dirty paint jobs. Clean surfaces place less stress on engines. Take the time to wash your vehicle thoroughly. Apply a professional-grade polish to complete the job.

Push Your Side Mirrors In

Some vehicles come with movable side mirrors. Side mirrors are drag collectors. If you have a movable, or flexible, side mirror, turn it inwards. This is perfect for those occasions when you find yourself driving on wide-open freeways. Be sure to use this drag-lowering technique only when no other traffic is around. Never compromise your safety for drag coefficients, or anything for that matter.

Keep Your Antenna Down

Watch any antennae on a moving car and you likely will see it waving in the air. This increases drag, which makes your car engine work harder. Roll down your antennae. Listen to CDs instead of the radio!

Decreasing drag will improve your fuel efficiency and overall car performance. What more could you want?


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