The Mystery Behind Transmissions

transmissionIt’s one of the most feared and potentially critical phrases for most drivers – transmission failure. Replacing or repairing a transmission is extremely expensive, but it doesn’t have to get this far.

Any car will give a driver hints as to when the transmission may need a little extra attention. One of the most obvious hints that a transmission needs service is trouble changing gears. In manual cars, it may be difficult to change gears at all. For automatic transmissions, the driver may experience a delay or slight jerking when they attempt to change gears.

If this is happening, there’s no need to panic. Sometimes, a vehicle may simply be running low on transmission fluid, or have a leak that can be fixed relatively easily. Routine maintenance and service by a knowledgeable mechanic will prevent a problem like this from getting worse.

Signs that a vehicle may need more serious transmission service are listed below.

  • Transmission Grinding – Drivers may notice a strange sound while driving their vehicles, even if they aren’t attempting to change gears at the time. This could mean the transmission fluid is dirty, or it could indicate a more serious problem.
  • Slipping Gears – If the vehicle ends up in a gear not previously selected by the driver, this could mean the transmission is slipping gears. This is not only dangerous, but it could also indicate serious problems.

Sooner Is Better than Later

As with most auto repairs, it’s better to see what is wrong with the transmission as soon as possible. This could save the driver hundreds of dollars, as well as prevent a breakdown in a dangerous area.

Don’t be afraid of the transmission. Working with a reliable mechanic will ensure that drivers get the best auto repairs work at the fairest prices. Waiting until it’s too late for anything but expensive auto repairs is a terrible idea.


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