Low Cost Ways to Increase Performance Levels

fluidsPerformance-driven car owners are a step above the everyday car owner. If you are in this population, you can do a number of things to increase your vehicle’s performance level inexpensively. None requires advanced technical skills.

Use Professional Grade Parts

Some vehicle owners follow the market-driven fad of using discount-priced aftermarket or used parts during auto repairs. Keep your vehicle operating at peak performance levels by only using a manufacturer-recommended replacement part. You may be paying a few dollars more, but your performance levels will thank you.

Buy Reputable Tires

New and used tires are available in all types of shops. Some claim to offer excellent quality at low prices. This is not always true. Only buy your car tires from a reputable, industry-recommended tire manufacturer. This assures your tires are not stretched out or contain inferior materials. Your performance level will thank you.

Use Recommended Fluids

It may be surprising to learn that some owners forsake fluid quality for price. To assure your vehicle operates at peak performance levels, you must use fluids recommended by your car manufacturer.

Regularly Change Fluids

Dirty fluids hold a car back. Speeds are slower, brakes will start malfunctioning, transmission gears get sticky and engines begin hesitating. Be certain to change all fluids on a regular basis to operate at peak performance levels.

Regularly Change Filters

Every vehicle has a number of filters. Filters serve the purpose of keeping debris such as dirt, dust, bugs and metal shavings from hindering your vehicle’s overall operations. Hire a professional or change the filters yourself.

Use a Fuel Additive

Fuel additives are economical ways to improve peak performance. Simply add a bottle to your gas or oil, depending on the individual item. These additives are known for improving gas mileage, lowering emissions and cleaning the engine.

Achieving automotive peak performance levels does not need to cost a fortune. The above examples are proof of that.

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