How to Choose the Right Auto Repair Shop

030227-N-9403-006How do you choose the right auto repair shop? How do you know which auto mechanic is going to be reliable, offer you a fair price, and not try to scam you?

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE has some guidelines about how to choose right auto repair shop or expert to fix up your vehicle:

Go searching for a repair shop before you really need one. If you wait until you need a repair shop, you will make a hasty decision or settle on the first one that you find. You will make a better shopping decision if you do not feel rushed.

Ask associates, fellow workers, friends, and family about an auto repair shop they have used in the past. Everyone you know has a car, for the most part, and those same people will have had some kind of car repair or maintenance issue in their recent past.

Look to the BBB, a local consumer organization, or the chamber of commerce if you want information about a repair shop. Find out about the number, type, and resolution of complaints. You do not want a repair shop with a spotty record. You want to choose a repair shop with a very clean record.

Look online for business reviews of the repair shop you’re thinking of going to. There should be plenty of third-party reviews. Do not just look at the testimonials on the auto repair shop’s website. That information may be unreliable. Look at the Facebook page for the business and see what kind of fan base they have. Is it very active? Does the customer base seem interested, engaged, and satisfied with the company?

Do not make your selection based solely on location or convenience.

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