Headlight Havoc: VW Recalling over 150k Passats

Volkswagen is voluntarily issuing a safety recall on their Passat models that were made in 2012 and 2013. They recently reported this recall to the National Highway Traffic Administration due to the potential threat for a headlight malfunction. This recall will affect a little over 150,000 vehicles.

Although there have not been any injuries or crashes that are attributed to this potential malfunction, the safety recall is necessary in order to avoid these risks.

When the hood of the Passat is closed in a rough manner, or dropped straight down from a certain height, the impact of this can affect the headlight. It can cause the low-beam electrical bulb to lose electrical contact and no longer work.

Safety as a Top Priority

Volkswagen goes above and beyond to ensure the safety of their vehicles, as well as those who drive them. They took all factors and possible risks into consideration before deciding to issue this safety recall.

If the low-beam electrical bulb stops working, there will be less illumination on the vehicle. This causes the reduction in visibility of the vehicle which heightens the risk for an accident.

Fix the Risk

Volkswagen will be notifying all of the owners of the vehicles that are affected by this recall. Owners will be urged to make an appointment with an authorized Volkswagen dealer to bring their vehicle in for the necessary auto repairs.

During the appointment, the hood and hood bumpers will be thoroughly inspected. It will be adjusted or replaced so that they no longer run the risk of making contact with the headlight assembly when the hood is closed in a rough manner.

In addition, each dealer will also replace the low-beam headlight bulb fitting to one that is improved and more durable. These auto repairs will come at no cost to the customer.

Everyone who owns a Passat that is affected by this issue should be sure to take their vehicle in for adjustment. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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