Easy Ways to Save Fuel Money

gas pumpWith the price of fuel being what it is, it is especially important to do all you can to lower your fuel bill. Below are some simple and easy ways to save fuel money.

Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

Tires are manufactured with specific air pressures in mind. These PSI, or pounds per square inch, make certain your tires operate at optimum performance levels. Letting your tires go above or below this recommended level will play havoc on fuel consumption.

Remove Flags or Wind Ornaments

Some drivers like placing team flags or ornaments on the antenna or windows. This increases the car’s drag component. Remove these barriers and improve your gas mileage.

Roll Your Windows Up

Rolling up your windows will decrease drag. Lower drag amounts improve fuel consumption. If the weather is very hot outside, roll up your windows and turn on the air conditioning for a few minutes. Then, turn it off while keeping the windows rolled up.

Keep Your Speed Constant

Continuously changing speeds increases fuel consumption. Instead of speeding up for a short distance, then suddenly downshifting, drive at a constant speed. Your fuel consumption will lower. Of course, this does not apply when driving on winding roads that have speed limit changes. Always follow the speed limits.

Replace Air Filters

Dirty air filters accumulate dust, dirt and airborne items. The dirtier a filter, the more difficult it is to circulate air to your engine. Your engine needs to work harder, thereby decreasing your fuel efficiency.

Avoid Sporadic Driving

Sporadic driving places increased pressure on you, other motorists and your vehicle’s fuel consumption. Stop weaving in and out of traffic, continuously changing lanes, or tailgating.

Use Your Cruise Control

Cruise controls are superb ways to regulate your fuel usage. Set yours at an appropriate speed and relax while saving money.

Do all the above and start smiling while others are spending money on fuel bills.

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