Don’t Ignore Those Squeaky Brakes!

brakesUsually you visit the mechanic because your car won’t go, but when should you be worried about your car not stopping? Squeaky brakes are easy to brush off as just annoying, but they can actually be a symptom of a more serious brake issue. Read on to get informed about the warning signs of potential brake problems.

Don’t Ignore Grinding or Squeaking

If you hear loud grinding noises or squeaks and squeals when you slow down or stop, your brakes are probably worn out. This can lead to long term brake damage and even accidents. It’s important to get your brakes checked regularly to keep them in the best working condition. Be safe and get the grinding or squeaking checked out by your mechanic.

Check Your Brake Fluid

You’ll find the brake fluid in the back of your engine bay under the hood, right in line with the brake pedal. Make sure that you have enough brake fluid, and that it is yellow. If it’s green or black, get the fluid flushed and make sure you’re using the right type of fluid.

Watch Out for Rust

Brakes can rust just like any part of your car. Try to take a look at the brake rotor when you’re getting out of the car to check for rust, which can cause problems with your brake pads. A little rust is normal, but rust buildup or a blue tint can be a sign of bigger problems. Also, check for any marks or grooves in the brake rotor, which might cause a malfunction.

It’s easy to focus on your car’s speed and power, but don’t forget that stopping correctly is just as important as starting fast. Keep an eye (and ear) out for signs of brake problems, check in with your mechanic is you have any concerns, and your car will stay running smoothly!


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