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The Mystery Behind Transmissions

It’s one of the most feared and potentially critical phrases for most drivers – transmission failure. Replacing or repairing a transmission is extremely expensive, but it doesn’t have to get this far. Any car will give a driver hints as to when the transmission may need a little extra attention. One of the most obvious [...]

Low Cost Ways to Increase Performance Levels

Performance-driven car owners are a step above the everyday car owner. If you are in this population, you can do a number of things to increase your vehicle’s performance level inexpensively. None requires advanced technical skills. Use Professional Grade Parts Some vehicle owners follow the market-driven fad of using discount-priced aftermarket or used parts during [...]

2015 Mustang Gets Some Upgrades

This year, the iconic Ford Mustang will celebrate its 50th year of production, and Ford engineers are celebrating by creating the most sophisticated Mustang in recent memory. Boasting improved fuel efficiency, better aerodynamics and unique grille designs for each engine size, the 2015 Mustang is guaranteed to turn some heads. Improving Aerodynamics According to Ford [...]

The Top 10 Most Expensive Sports Cars

10. Bentley Continental GTC Coming in just shy of $220,000, the Bentley Continental GTC is a sleek ride for those with deep pockets. This particular model comes with a convertible top, two doors and four seats. There’s virtually no leg room in the back, so you should stick to the two front seats. The base [...]