The Top 10 Most Expensive Sports Cars

10. Bentley Continental GTC Coming in just shy of $220,000, the Bentley Continental GTC is a sleek ride for those with deep pockets. This particular model comes with a convertible top, two doors and four seats. There’s virtually no leg room in the back, so you should stick to the two front seats. The base [...]

Auto Repair Estimates

While there are plenty of auto repair shops that are responsible and honest, there are still plenty that are dishonest. One of the biggest ways an auto repair shop can wrangle more money out of you is if you don’t have an accurate idea of how much your repair should cost. Dishonest auto repair shops [...]

Do it Yourself Auto Repair

While most auto repair tasks require professional and experienced hands, there are a lot of tasks that you can accomplish on your own. Even if you have very limited auto repair knowledge or experience, you can still keep your car running by working on the basics. Performing auto repair tasks on your own will save [...]