2009 Nissan 370z Touring

2009 Nissan 370z Touring:

Absolute Automotive Sound and Security customized 370z Touring









Custom work done to this car:

  • Swift Spec-R springs
  • Whiteline Sway Bars
  • Spc Camber Bolts
  • 3inch Fastintentions Carbon Fiber TDX exhaust
  • ART Test Pipes
  • Vortech SC
  • Cog Pully System
  • 928 Impeller Swap
  • Prosport Gauges
  • 34 row oil cooler
  • 19 row trans cooler
  • 19 Inch ADVNT with 305/30/19 V12′s
  • Memphis MoJo Subwoofers
  • Titanium wrapped intake
  • Modified heat exchanger


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